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Copper Pipe Repair and Repipe

      Water circulates through your house under pressure; in fact, it is higher than the air pressure in your car tires. Even a minor leak is like a miniature fountain. Water will accumulate, weaken the drywall either in the wall itself or the ceiling and eventually will cause major damage. Sometimes the initial damage is seen through a wall, and then the water changes direction and starts to travel down a joist or beam where it can do a great deal of structural damage.

Leak repair is often advertised as a quick and easy for any homeowner or business to fix. In fact, it isn’t. Sometimes people try to “chase the leak,” thinking the leak is in one place and then they start chopping the dry wall away!


Another problem is that different homes have different kinds of pipe. Whether copper, galvanized, stainless or PVC, each pipe has its own way of being fixed and different pipes and connections may not be compatible.

Especially in older homes, leaking pipes such as galvanized iron may be corroding and an amateur repair in one area could cause a leak somewhere else.

Any leak should represent a major household or business emergency. We will guide you through the process of shutting off the water and then we will schedule an appointment as quickly as possible.