Water Heater Repair & Replacement Licensed Plumbing Experts Offer Guaranteed Services


Get Fast Access to Hot Water

Whether your water heater is failing to produce anything but lukewarm water, has sprung a leak, or is simply outdated, Capitol Plumbing & Rooter Inc. can help you find the perfect replacement for your home.

We can replace your current system with the following types:

  • Conventional – Water is stored in a large tank (varying sizes available) and heated by electric or gas energy. High-efficiency models can reduce water heating bills by as much as 7 percent.
  • Tankless – Water is heated only as need, providing access to unlimited and instant hot water through a tankless water heater. May reduce water heating bills by as much as 30 percent.


Water Heater Repair Service

As your water heater is used day in and day out, expect to have to perform some amount of repair. If repair is not an option, we will help you determine the best replacement. Water heater repairs with Capitol Plumbing and Rooter Inc. are upfront, cost-efficient, and effective. You can trust our licensed plumbers for satisfactory service.If your water heater is doing the following, call Capitol Plumbing and Rooter Inc.

  • Not supplying adequate hot water
  • Taking a long time to heat water
  • Leaking from the water heater tank
  • Making noise from the water heater tank



Water Heater Installation and Repair